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We understand that this is a very heated topic. As a small business, we need to follow guidelines by the state mixed in with what our research tells us. Since this is a fluid pandemic and new research is coming out daily, things may change. Right now this is what we are thinking.

  • 🌊 Masks will be required for all ages over three that aren’t actively playing or sitting at their assigned table eating. They will be required when entering and exiting our facility.
  • 🏄‍♂️ Masks won’t be required while actively playing but expected that kids make an honest attempt to stay six feet apart from others in their family. We will provide so many tools to help with this & staff will never, ever be mean to kids that are struggling with this.
  • 🎟️ Hourly play passes will be bought online. You will fill out a digital waiver and self certify that you and your children are healthy. We will have MUCH lower attendance to make physical distancing MUCH easier.
  • 😖 We will have a NO TOLERANCE for any mean outbursts or fighting with other children, parents or staff over any of these rules, validity of the rules we’ve implement. We will all do our best to help children make great decisions, BUT these are children who want to bounce and play.
  • 📽️ We will have a video you can watch online to go over the expectations so you can see what we are doing & decide if you’d like to come! Parents will be in charge of their children. Plenty of staff will be on hand to clean, clean, clean and oversee equipment.
  • 😷 We have ZERO interest in arguing about if masks work in preventing the spread of COVID19. We have done our research and understand both sides of the argument thoroughly. We understand if you choose not to visit based on your personal beliefs or decisions.
  • Questions or concerns? We’d love to hear your honest feedback! Please remember to be respectful too! Email us at