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Cowabunga’s is New England’s premiere indoor playground with lots of inflatable fun. We always provide clean entertainment and have made some changes to our operations amidst the pandemic. Please review the changes to our operations to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and follow the state’s and CDC’s reopening guidelines for our industry. While we are taking so many precautions, no one can guarantee a COVID-19 free space during this pandemic.


Here at Cowabunga’s, we’re choosing to open our facility with the purpose of providing fun, active play to children. We recognize our responsibility to lead by example with current government guidelines. With our #KidsNeedPlay initiative, our goal is to provide active play with limited capacity, but limitless fun! – To accomplish this, we understand that social distancing is challenging on our equipment. To put in our best effort, we’re requiring masks on children ages 3 and up during our walk-in play hours. Additionally, all adults are required to wear masks. Masks can be removed temporarily when enjoying food and drink at any of our tables. For private parties, due to the familial nature of our bookings, we’re requiring masks for adults, and recommending mask use, but not requiring it for children. Again, that last rule applies to private party bookings only.


  • Open gym will go to hourly admission and be VERY limited. Rates will be $12 for one hour or $15 for two hours.
  • One free adult per paying child to keep numbers low.
  • Masks required throughout our facility (including on all of our equipment) for all children ages 3 and up.
  • Masks can be removed at a table while eating and drinking.
  • Cooling units will be continuously running to provide fresh air from the outside.
  • All passes & waivers will be done online before arriving at our facility.
  • Tables will be distanced from each other.
  • Sanitizer will be mandatory when entering. Free standing sanitizer stations will be located in the gym.
  • Legos will be handed out to kids and be sanitized after each use.
  • Equipment will be sanitized on a frequent and rotating basis with a hospital grade sanitizer.
  • Parents/adults will be asked to help their children physically distance in a nice, appropriate way.
  • Everyone will wear masks except when sitting & eating, as kids may not physically distance while playing. << Read more. >>


  • We will be limited private parties to TEN kids and TEN adults to allow for appropriate social distancing in our private rooms.
  • Due to the familial nature of our private bookings, masks required for adults and recommended, but not required for children.
  • Party guests will be asked to wear masks for the majority of their stay. Adults must wear masks at all time except when seated & eating. Party parents will decide if children should wear masks when playing. We highly recommend them while playing as children may not be able to physically distance. However, we understand that you may have already been in contact with these families without masks.
  • Party guests will be asked to arrive at the party start time & will be welcomed right into the first bounce gym.
  • Cooling units will be continuously running to provide fresh air from the outside.
  • Sanitizer will be required for all at the start of the party, during transitions and before eating.
  • Cake room will have small round tables of 4. Families will be seated together whenever possible.
  • Cake room will be limited to food and cake. Presents will need to be taken home so that you can quarantine them before opening.
  • Outside food will not be prohibited anymore unless it’s (1) a nut free cake that doesn’t need refrigeration or (2) a individually packaged, nut free snack. This will help us contain cross contamination.
  • Private parties will be able to play in the open gym for up to 45 minutes after their party ends.

<< Read more. >>


  • Employees will fill out a health certification before each shift, asking them not to come in if they are experiencing any symptoms to that of those with COVID-19
  • All employees will be required to wear mask.
  • Employees will complete a certification of cleaning standards and will follow plan during their shifts.
  • Whenever possible, we will limit interactions with guests and physically distance when providing services.