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Clip art Image of person wearing a face mask

MASKS AT Cowabunga’s Manchester

I’m not going to lie.  Coming up with the mask policy for Cowabunga’s in Manchester, NH was one of my least favorite thing to do during this pandemic.  We aren’t […]

Whoa! Plans are being made to reopen!

Changes To Cowabunga’s!

We are changing and adapting to provide clean fun for families while helping slow the spread of COVID-19. See what we’re doing.

Picture of a pink birthday cake dancing

Parties Amidst the Pandemic!

We are revamping our party offerings to allow and encourage physical distancing and eliminate outside contaminates. Private parties are still going to be a hot commodity at Cowabunga’s, as it will allow you to party with family & friends without the people you don’t know!

Whoa! Plans are being made to reopen!

REOPENING Manchester, NH!

Cowabunga’s Manchester is making plans to reopen sometime in August! In order to follow the guidelines, there will be a bunch of changes! Some may be harder than others, but we feel that together, we can bring some joy to your families!

Clip art Image of person wearing a face mask

Are masks required?

As a small business, we need to follow guidelines by the state mixed in with what our research tells us. Since this is a fluid pandemic and new research is coming out daily, things may change. Right now this is what we are thinking.